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Tutorials for EEG

Three Tutorials in EEG Analysis

Here are three tutorials  on common methods, challenges and pitfalls in the analysis of EEG for those who missed the symposium last year covering issues around spectral analysis, signal filtering, referencing, connectivity measures and experimental design.


1) Spectral Analysis and Filtering EEG: Ways to Go Wrong

presented by Dr. Narayan Subramaniyam

This talk covers basic theory of spectral analysis and filtering including the assumptions used in common algorithms and common pitfalls of implementation and interpretation.


2) Challenges of Methodological Variability and Experimental Design

Presented by Dr. Jennifer Newson

This talk covers various aspects of methodological variability in the EEG literature such as use of  different references and frequency band definitions and the consequent challenges of interpretation. It also covers aspects of proper controls in experimental design.

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3) Common Connectivity Measures and Their Challenges and Pitfalls

presented by Dr. Andres Bastos

This talk offers a basic tutorial of implementing common connectivity measures in the EEG along with resources and tools.

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