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Sapien Labs is a 501(c)(3) operating foundation (EIN 47-5559298). All contributions are tax deductible and will not receive any goods or services in exchange.

All donations to the Mental Health Million Project go towards expanding the reach to capture a broader demographic of MHQ takers, and towards analysis and visualization of the data to provide actionable insights to mental health and community-based organizations and policy makers.

Human Brain Diversity

All donations to the Human Brain Diversity program go towards development of research tools, purchase of equipment, developing tutorials, and field project costs of Neurolab partners in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The Human Brain Diversity Project tackles important questions on the impact of socioeconomics, technology, geography and culture on cognitive and mental health.

In addition to the above projects, unrestricted donations may also be used towards building new tools and capacity that enable the mission of Sapien Labs.