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Mental health of young adults severely impacted by pandemic – study

March 1, 2023

A new study has found that the pandemic has severely affected people’s mental health and relationships all over the world, particularly for young adults.

Why Gen Z Is More Obsessed With Celebrities Than Any Other Age Group

October 31, 2022

A new study has found Generation Z is more obsessed with celebrities than their older counterparts. The research discovered people between the ages of 18-24 became fixated with one or more celebrities at 12 times the rate of their parents' generation.

The Sapien Labs Centre for Human Brain and Mind Inaugurated at Krea University

August 4, 2022

Krea University and Sapien Labs have collaborated to establish a centre for research and learning related to the human brain and mind. The Sapien Labs Centre for Human Brain and Mind at Krea University was inaugurated by K VijayRaghavan, Former Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India.

Gen Z Employees Are Feeling Disconnected. Here’s How Employers Can Help.

June 13, 2022

Amidst rising inflation, crippling student debt, unaffordable housing, rounds of layoffs, a lingering pandemic, and a looming recession, many young workers have reached a breaking point. New data from Sapien Labs’ Mental Health Million Project, which surveyed 48,000 young adults age 18–24 across 34 nations, reveals that mental health struggles among younger generations have accelerated and worsened throughout the pandemic.

Smartphone use can hamper mental wellbeing in young adults

May 16, 2022

According to a report by Sapien Labs, the growth of smartphone use and an increase in social isolation point to a decline in the mental health of young adults aged 18-24.

Are Smartphones Causing a Rapid Decline in Mental Health?

May 16, 2022

Prior to 2010, studies showed that young adults had the highest levels of psychological well being, but that is now trending downward.

When economic growth does not serve mental wellbeing

April 26, 2022

For decades, a nation’s economic growth has been used as a measure for its residents’ wellbeing — it shouldn’t be.

A survey on global mental well-being shows that the kids are not all right

April 7, 2022

There’s little doubt that mental illness is a major cause of human suffering around the world. But it may be harder to address than other deep problems like disease or poverty, partly because mental well-being is so difficult to quantify.

In a new global survey of mental health, the UK is slumped in last place

April 6, 2022

In March, Sapien Labs published the second annual “Mental State of the World” report. Their survey of 223,000 adults from selected countries confirms what many intuitively feel: the UK is currently a nation very ill at ease

New global report shows mental well-being of youth plummeting

April 4, 2022

Mid-March was the second anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic and it has not only affected many people's physical health but also the minds of people all over the world, especially the youth. The Second Annual Mental State of the World Report showed young people are suffering even more now than in 2020.

Mental Wellbeing Poorest in English-Speaking Countries of the World

March 31, 2022

Asurvey of 233,087 “internet users” in 34 countries that measured “mental wellbeing” found that the percentage of respondents who were “distressed or struggling” was highest in English-speaking regions of the world, where 30% fell into this category. The regions that scored the best in this survey were Latin America and Europe, with countries in the Middle East and North Africa falling in the middle of the pack.

‘I’m just living because of my kids’: the social glue holding us together in SA is dissolving

March 27, 2022

Covid-19 has worsened South Africans’ mental wellbeing, as evidenced in the latest Mental State of the World report

How an overemphasis on busyness hurts companies (and individuals)

March 24, 2022

Remote and flexible working arrangements removed a lot of the guardrails around time. While it can be freeing in one sense, you also need to find a buffer between the demands on your time for work and protecting your personal life.

Non-binary people have worse mental health than other genders, eye-opening study finds

March 19, 2022

Non-binary people have worse mental health than other genders, according to a new report.

Global study reveals mental well-being ‘plummeting’ among young people

March 15, 2022

Writing in A Short History of Progress at the turn of the 21st century, Ronald Wright compared civilization to an experiment and a relatively new one at that. He also described what he referred to as “progress traps,” the results of a synthesis of human ingenuity and an inability to plan for the future it had created at the behest of that ingenuity.

1 chart shows mental health has declined sharply in English-speaking countries, according to a report

March 15, 2022

Mental health continued to decline across English-speaking countries in 2021, albeit at a slower rate than the previous year, according to a global report out from Sapien Labs this week.

‘Alarming’ Worldwide Decline in Mental Health

March 15, 2022

A large global report shows a decline in mental health worldwide, with the poorest outcomes reported in young adults.

Mental Health Investment

October 26, 2021

Recent surveys find people planning to quit their job say their company hasn’t followed through on pandemic-era promises to focus more on employee mental health.

Companies prioritized mental health during Covid, so why are we still so burned out?

October 13, 2021

More than a year and a half since the pandemic upended everything about daily life and work, Americans are as burned out as ever.

Dr. Tara Thiagarajan joins Krea University Governing Council

October 5, 2021

Krea University today announced the appointment of Dr. Tara Thiagarajan (Ph. D.) as a Member of its Governing Council. The Governing Council is the overarching supervisory and statutory authority of Krea University. The Executive Committee is a sub-committee of the Governing Council.

Employers, Ready to Proactively Approach Possible Mental Health Issues in Your Workers? This Tool Lays the Groundwork

September 23, 2021

The significant role that mental health plays in the general wellbeing of a human being is one that should not, and does not, go understated. Mental health has taken a front seat throughout the pandemic. A CDC study conducted in late June of 2020 found that 40% of U.S. adults were suffering from either a mental health or substance abuse disorder.

Per nutrire il corpo bastano due dollari al giorno. Per il cervello ne servono 30. Ecco perché

September 1, 2021

Tara Thiagarajan (49 anni, Madras, India) ha un dottorato di Ricerca in Neuroscienze dell’università di Stanford ed è la fondatrice di Sapien Labs, un organismo la cui complicata missione è tentare di comprendere la mente umana. Ammette di essersi affacciata tardi e per puro caso alle neuroscienze, e che il tema l’abbia affascinata dopo aver assistito a una lezione specialistica.

La technologie, c’est comme la malbouffe : l’essentiel est de ne pas en abuser

August 30, 2021

Docteure en neurosciences de l'Université de Stanford, Tara Thiagarajan (Madras, Inde, 49 ans) est la fondatrice de Sapien Labs, une organisation qui s'est fixé pour objectif ambitieux de comprendre l'esprit humain. Les neurosciences, elle y est arrivée sur le tard, et comme elle l'admet elle-même, un peu par hasard, après avoir été bouleversée par un cours sur ce sujet.

America needs a Chief Friendship Officer

August 26, 2021

America is suffering from a lack of friendship. The average American hasn’t made a new friend in the last five years. According to the American Enterprise Institute’s American Perspectives Survey from May 2021, Americans report having fewer friendships than in the past three decades.

La tecnología es como la comida basura: no se trata de si es mala o buena, sino de cuánta consumes

August 21, 2021

Doctora en Neurociencia en la Universidad de Stanford, Tara Thiagarajan (Madras, India, 49 años) es la fundadora de Sapien Labs, organización que tiene por misión algo tan complejo como tratar de comprender la mente humana. Llegó tarde, y por casualidad, a la neurociencia, como ella misma reconoce, tras asistir a una clase de esa materia y quedar fascinada.

Enhancing the Mental Wellbeing of Federal Workers

June 4, 2021

The Office of Personnel Management and the HRStat Community of Practice recently hosted a summit on employee retention in the federal government. Nearly 1,500 people participated. One of the most enthusiastically received presentations concerned the assessment of employees’ mental health within organizations through the use of the Mental Health Quotient, or MHQ.

Almost Half Of Americans Don’t Seek Professional Help For Mental Disorders

May 24, 2021

In the United States 45% of individuals with a clinical-level mental problem do not seek professional help. That’s one of the main findings in the latest brief report (Mental Health Has Bigger Challenges Than Stigma) from the Mental Health Million Project, an effort launched last year by the nonprofit Sapien Labs to track the mental wellbeing of people across the globe.

La desigualdad en el acceso a la tecnología también se refleja en nuestros cerebros

May 6, 2021

La digitalización se ha acelerado durante la pandemia como nunca antes. En el último año el mundo ha avanzado en esa dirección un lustro o una década, según el experto que consultemos. Y, paralelamente, se ha acelerado el efecto que la tecnología tiene en nuestros cerebros.

Lotta alla fame e sviluppo: Servono 30 dollari al giorno per nutrire il cervello

May 2, 2021

Per nutrire il corpo, e non morire di fame, servono almeno due dollari al giorno. Per nutrire il cervello, per non “spegnerlo” e per non essere condannati alla povertà ( per incapacità cognitive) servono almeno 30 dollari, come ha dimostrato una ricerca appena pubblicata su Scientific Report.

Our world is in the grip of a mental health crisis – here’s what we can do to help

April 26, 2021

Young people should be taught the importance of sleep, exercise and socializing to tackle the global mental health crisis heightened by the pandemic. Steps also need to be taken to counterbalance the effects of policies that have led to periods of social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly where young people are concerned.

You, Rewired: How Modernity Changes the Brain

April 8, 2021

As humanity moves further into the 21st century, it seems that science, philosophy’s younger sibling, is beginning to bear out the truth of this sentiment. The more researchers examine the brain and its physiology or the mind and its psychology, the more they pull back the curtain on the fact that the billions of cells contained within our skulls constitute a fascinating dynamism that both changes and is changed by what it interacts with.

Mental health of the world study — see who’s most at risk

March 26, 2021

An ambitious mental health study is intent on gauging the world’s emotional state. The Mental Health Million Project had its first full scale launch in 2020, offering an exceptional look at a truly exceptional time: mental health status during a pandemic.

The kids are definitely not all right

March 17, 2021

A new survey of people in eight countries finds that mental wellness took a dive in 2020, with the worst effects found among the young. Why it matters: Few people's mental health escaped unscathed from the effects of the pandemic, but the gap between the state of the young versus older adults could mean serious problems down the road.

Survey Finds COVID’s Mental Impact Across the Globe

March 16, 2021

A new survey of the mental health impact of COVID-19 in several countries shows high rates of trauma and mood disorders related to the virus. The survey, conducted by Sapien Labs, was conducted in eight English-speaking countries and included 49,000 adults. It showed that 57% of respondents experienced some COVID-19-related adversity or trauma.

Coronavirus : Une Nouvelle Étude Internacionale Confirme La Detresse Des Plus Jeunes

March 16, 2021

Une crise sanitaire peut en cacher une autre. Depuis plusieurs mois, l'inquiétude monte quant à la santé mentale de la population en raison des mesures de restrictions pour lutter contre la pandémie de coronavirus. Une nouvelle étude menée dans huit pays différents montre que les jeunes sont particulièrement victimes de cette tendance.

Covid-19 impact on mental health wellness in India

March 16, 2021

Desolating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is well-known to people worldwide. The amount of mental health distress caused by the pandemic and the rules adhered to prevent it (lockdown, social isolation, physical distancing) are taking a toll on the countries and states, as evidenced by multiple studies.

SA is struggling, new mental health study finds

March 16, 2021

SA and the UK scored the lowest in a groundbreaking study on the mental wellbeing of countries. Sapien Labs' inaugural Mental State of the World 2020 report found that SA also has the highest financial distress due to Covid-19 followed by the UK.

Quarter of Americans Never Socialized or Exercised Amid COVID-19 Pandemic: Study

March 15, 2021

About a quarter of Americans did not socialize with friends or exercise in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a new international study on mental health has shown. Dr. Tara Thiagarajan, the founder and chief scientist of Sapien Labs, told Newsweek that 24 percent of American respondents to a survey included as part of the Mental State of the World 2020 report said they did "not ever interact socially with friends or exercise" last year.

Global Study Finds Young Adults At Higher Risk Of Mental Health Issues

March 15, 2021

A new report looks at the global mental health status in the age of COVID and found young people especially are struggling.

Almost half of young adults at clinical risk of mental health disorders in ‘profound crisis’, study shows

March 15, 2021

Almost half of 18-24 year olds in the English-speaking world are facing a “clinical level risk” of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, and Covid-19 has only made things worse, according to a major new survey. The results show a “profound societal mental health crisis”, the report from the Mental Health Million Project, an initiative led by the US non-profit Sapien Labs, concluded.

Canadians more likely to seek help for mental wellness: study

March 15, 2021

A newly released report that looks at mental wellness across the world shows that Canada is coping better than other countries. The Mental State of the World 2020 report is part of an ongoing study which aims to understand the drivers of how society is changing in regards to mental wellbeing. Mental wellbeing was measured on the spectrums of Mood & Outlook, Drive & Motivation, our Social Self, our Core and Complex Cognition and our Mind-body Connection, rather than just happiness and life satisfaction.

Mental health crisis affecting young people needs immediate attention, report says

March 15, 2021

Young people’s reports of poor well-being during the pandemic have fueled a global crisis that needs immediate attention, according to a nonprofit organization that surveyed nearly 50,000 people in eight countries, providing a comprehensive overview of the pandemic’s impact on mental health.

Brain science is showing what “normal” mental health is. Can it also help us evolve humankind?

May 1, 2020

Key to docu-mental is the discovery of how mental illness diagnoses have the power to promote or restrict democracy and freedom. To assess this, it’s essential to be clear on just what mental “illness” is, how it is defined, who is determining that definition, and for what purpose.

Brain diversity and modernisation

November 19, 2017

How diverse is the human brain across the world? Much of what we know about the brain so far comes from studies using American college students as participants. But research by a neuroscientist and entrepreneur in rural India shows that brain activity may be influenced by modern progress, and even income.