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By completing this assessment you will discover more about your mental wellbeing including your strengths and challenges and will be provided with guidance and resources to help and support you. Your response will form part of the Global Mind Project providing insight into the mental wellbeing of the global population.

You must be aged 13 to 18 to take this assessment. Taking part is completely voluntary and you can discontinue at any time by closing your browser. On completion you will be able to see your scores and summary report. While an email address is required to receive your detailed report, we only store it in encrypted form and do not use it for any other purpose.

What is Mental Wellbeing and What Does the MHQ Tell You?

Your mental wellbeing reflects how well you are coping with life and its different stresses and challenges. It is not the same as being happy or satisfied with your life. The MHQ provides a snapshot of your overall mental wellbeing and its different dimensions by asking about how you feel about various mental aspects and its impact on your daily life.

Your MHQ Score and Report


Overall MHQ Score

The MHQ will automatically provide you with an overall mental wellbeing score (your MHQ) when you have answered all the questions. If you want, you can also ask for a free report with scores along six dimensions of mental wellbeing along with guidance and resources, by providing your email.

Your Mhq Score and Report

Scores across 6 dimensions of mental health

Scores across 6 dimensions of mental health

The six dimensions of mental health in the MHQ

Mood and Outlook

Mood and Outlook: This reflects your ability to manage your feelings and have a positive outlook for the future.

Social Self

Social Self: This reflects how you interact with, relate to and see yourself with respect to other people.

Drive and Motivation

Drive and Motivation: This reflects your ability to accomplish your goals and complete tasks in your daily life.


Cognition: This reflects the health of your thinking skills and your ability to make sense of what’s going on around you, think about your future and remember what’s happened in your past.

Adaptability & Resilience

Adaptability & Resilience: This reflects your ability to change your behavior or mindset in relation to new situations, or setbacks you face.

Mind-Body Connection

Mind-Body Connection: This reflects the fact that your mind and body are a combined unit where your physical health can affect your mental health, and the other way around.

Your MHQ Score