Lab Talk

EEG Brain Development

Structural and Dynamical Changes in The Developing Brain

What changes structurally and dynamically in the brain across childhood and how similar are our development trajectories?  Dr. Mills and Dr. Miscovic provide two perspectives on the developing brain using MRI and EEG respectively.

Here we provide two perspectives on the developing brain from the Inter- and Intra person Variability symposium held last year.

Individual Differences in Human Brain Development

by Dr. Kate Mills, Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon

This talk discusses structural changes from early childhood to adulthood using MRI  focusing on aspects such as grey matter volume, cortical thickness and surface area.  In particular it highlights individual differences and the implications of these differences.



The Development of Intrinsic Cortical Activity from Early to Late Childhood

by Dr. Vladimir Miscovic, Department of Psychology, Binghamton University, State University of NY

This talk discusses the developmental changes in various dynamical features of the EEG across childhood. It demonstrates substantial shifts in the cortical dynamics,  highlighting significant increases in alpha peak frequency, complexity and network integration.



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