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The Impact of Life Experience on the Human Brain

The Impact of Life Experience on the Human Brain

The brain develops and morphs across the lifespan based on experience.  Two talks discuss the impact of our behaviors from physical exercise to cell phone use on the human brain?

The Impact of Exercise and Lifestyle on Human Brain Structure and Function | Dr. Chelsea Stillman

There is an increasing understanding of how exercise positively influences the structure and function of the human brain.  Dr. Chelsea Stillman discusses recent findings that link exercise to changes in brain volume and cognition discussing the type and magnitude of changes.

How Cell Phones Have Shaped Brain Physiology | Dr. Tara Thiagarajan

Cell phones have taken over the world in the last decade.  However many people are still offline or have limited use of cell phone technology.  By studying populations across the spectrum from offline populations with no cell phone use to those with varying degrees of cell phone use this talk demonstrates early results on how use of the cell phone has changed the dynamical behavior of our brains measured with EEG.

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