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EEG publications by country

EEG and FMRI Publications by Country

~70% of FMRI papers and 75% of EEG papers come from Western Europe (including UK, Brexit notwithstanding) and the United States but China has shown the most spectacular growth.

Over half a million human neuroscience papers have been published using EEG and FMRI (see EEG and FMRI by the numbers).  Where do they come from? To look at this we scraped the country of the affiliation of all corresponding authors of all EEG and FMRI articles on pubmed.

This is the break up by geographic region for all papers published in 2015 (note that Mexico is included in Latin America and UK with Western Europe and East Asia includes China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea).


Here are the top 20 countries for both EEG and FMRI


And here is how much the top 5 grew over time.  Of all countries, not just the ones shown, China had the most spectacular growth not just in % but also actual numbers for FMRI.


If this makes one point, much of what we know about the human brain is from western Caucasians and increasingly the Chinese.  What about the rest of the world and will it easily translate?  How do populations compare?




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