Posted on March 25, 2019
Sapien Labs to Host Virtual Symposium on EEG and Inter-Person Variability

Washington, D.C. – Sapien Labs will host virtual symposiums on various themes with the goal of bringing together cross disciplinary perspectives on significant questions relating to the human brain.  Particularly the themes will relate to emerging approaches to measuring, studying and altering the human brain, the inter- and intra- person variability in brain activity and function, and their consequences.

These conferences, each on a specialized topic, will feature a series of short talks over two days along with Q&A.  The virtual format provides a cost-effective way for people from around the world to attend and interact with one another during interactive open floors following each session.  Recorded talks will be made available to conference attendees for viewing after the symposium to ensure that registered attendees do not have to miss a talk due to conflicting schedules or time zones.

The first symposium titled EEG: Analytical Approaches and Applications will take place on June 6-7, 2019 and will be organized into sessions around four themes.

  • Potential Biomarkers and Applications of EEG
    Recent advances in the prediction of brain states such as pain, fatigue, sleep, anesthesia and cognitive health
  • Novel Analytical Approaches to the EEG Signal
    New ways to look at the EEG signal, particularly showcasing ideas from other fields such as LFP analysis and speech processing.
  • Common Methods, Challenges and Pitfalls in EEG Analysis
    These tutorial style sessions will cover common methods used in EEG analysis and some of the methodological challenges and pitfalls that can arise.
  • EEG Resources, Toolkits and Repositories
    Presentations of various code libraries, pipelines, data repositories and other resources for EEG.

Registration opens April 10th.