Posted on January 17, 2023
Sapien Labs Releases Report on Adult Mental Wellbeing After Abuse and Assault in Childhood

Washington, D.C. – Recent data highlight a stark decline in the mental health of younger generations globally. Uncovering the root causes of this decline is a core goal of Sapien Labs. Here we report startling evidence of the increased prevalence of childhood abuse, assault and bullying reported by young adults. Based on a survey of 286,732 people across the Internet-enabled population of 27 countries in 2022, the rates of those who report having experienced abuse, assault or bullying in childhood is three to five-fold higher in the youngest generation of adults (18-24) relative to their parents and grandparents (age 55+). In contrast, the experience of the death of a parent or sibling during childhood has declined.

Among young adults aged 18-24, those who experienced physical abuse/assault or sexual abuse/assault in childhood had the worst mental wellbeing with the majority experiencing debilitating mental health challenges. Those who experienced childhood cyberbullying were not far behind with the majority also experiencing negative mental health. In contrast those who had lost a parent or sibling experienced a far lesser impact on their mental health.

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