Past Virtual Symposia

Sapien Labs’ virtual symposiums aim to bring together cross disciplinary perspectives on significant questions in Human Neuroscience. These conferences; each on a specialized topic, will feature a series of short talks over two days along with Q&A. The virtual format provides a cost-effective way for people from around the world to attend and interact with one another during interactive open floors following each session.
Recorded talks will be made available to conference attendees for viewing after the symposium to ensure that registered attendees do not have to miss a talk due to conflicting schedules or time zones.

The Future of Mental Health: Measurement, Treatments and Therapies

Nov 2-3, 2020

Mental health disorders, unlike disorders in other fields of medicine, have been typically defined in terms of symptoms as underlying etiology and biology are poorly understood. With new research tools, the field of mental health is now undergoing significant evolution in the way disorders are understood and treated. This symposium brings together speakers working at the cutting edge of understanding and treating mental health disorders from measurement and definition of disorders to linking of symptoms to underlying physiology and biology and developing new treatments.

Inter-and Intra-person Variability in the Human Brain

Nov 4-6, 2019

Unlike genomics which has searched for meaning in the genetic differences between human beings, much of neuroscience has focused on identifying the prototypical human brain. However, given that the brain evolves with experience after birth, the diversity of the human brain across human populations, and the lifespan, are immense. These differences are reflected at every level from anatomy to functional readouts and have tremendous implications for how we understand our cognitive and mental health. This symposium brings together research across a wide range of techniques and measurements that demonstrate the extent of inter-and intra-person variability in the human brain and its implication for brain health and behavior.

EEG: Analytical Approaches and Applications

June 6-7, 2019

The EEG is a cost effective and noninvasive tool to measure electrical signals from the brain with the potential for tremendous clinical and diagnostic relevance. To realize this potential there are numerous approaches to analyzing the EEG signal that can be considered in order to identify meaningful patterns and structures. This virtual symposium brings together researchers working on various analytical approaches to EEG, as well as brain signals at different levels of resolution (e.g. LFP and ECOG) and their application to a number of different conditions from pain, sleep and anesthesia to cognitive health.