Take advantage of our tools and data to build global insights into the changing brain and mind.

We build global datasets that include EEG, Environment and Context Surveys and Cognitive and Mental Health Outcomes. Presently data from the Global Mind Project (previously the Mental Health Million Project) is available freely and on request for research and nonprofit use. Pilot data from the Human Brain Diversity is also available on request.

The Global Mind Project

The Mental Health Million Project

The Global Mind Project captures information using the MHQ that includes 47 elements of mental function, including all mental health disorder symptoms as well as positive assets, and 27 elements of life context.

The database adds 1,000 -2,000 responses a day from across 20 countries in English and Spanish. New languages will be added each quarter.

For complete information on this dataset read this:

A Dynamic Dataset of Population Mental Wellbeing

Request access to the data here.

Use custom versions of the MHQ in your research

The MHQ is a web-based cross-disorder assessment of mental wellbeing that can be used to:

Understand Symptoms

Understand symptom distributions across groups of interest

Identify Biomarkers

Associate biosignatures to symptom profiles

Evaluate Treatments

Evaluate treatment efficacy for different symptom profiles

Measure Outcomes

Measure patient outcomes in terms of mental wellbeing

Key features of the MHQ

  • Comprehensive assessment of symptoms across 10 DSM based disorders (ADHD, ASD, addiction, anxiety, bipolar, depression, eating disorder, OCD, PTSD, and schizophrenia) as well as R-DoC criteria.
  • Configured online with customizable additional questions specific to your study.
  • Non-binary assessment of symptom severity on a 9-point scale.
  • Includes mental assets and abilities important for wellbeing.
  • Suitable for assessment of both general and clinical populations.
  • Completed in 15 minutes or less.
  • Automated scores and feedback report for subjects to encourage honest completion.
  • Output includes overall MHQ scores as well as scores on 6 dimensions of mental wellbeing.
  • Mapping of symptom profiles to 10 disorders with DSM based diagnostic indications.

Read more on its usability and validity here and the background to its development here.

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